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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Crash Yak-52 EHLE

Dear all.

Today tragic news reached us about the crash of a former Yakkes aircraft at Lelystad airport. The aircraft was sold two years ago to a new owner and left the foundation. The aircraft was recently complete overhauled by it's new owner.

The pilot instantly died today with the crash, so sad.

We would like to give our deepest condolences to the family left behind with this tragic los.

Team Yakkes.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Unique moments

Some moments are unique, some even better.. Now here is a (Dutch) film about a flight with our friend Ralph “Sheik” Aarts, he flying the F16 for the Dutch F16 demoteam, we are flying with the T6 and the Red Yak. Sheik expected a photographer in the backseat of the Yak, what het didn’t know that his own dad was there, couldn’t get closer than that! Unique footage, once a lifetime airborn meeting, enjoy.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Iceland troubles

After a long cold winter stop, it's time to get our Yak's out of the barn.

The Yak-50 has got a brand new three bladed prop, looks good and the performance is a lot better, and it’s going ballistic.

The Yak-52 has got a new sponsor on its wing, AVIATOR – OIL. High performance oil for a very low rate, for more info www.aviator-oil.com.
Yakkes is in the process for some new spectacular developments; stay tuned for more news soon.

Today we would have a check run in a couple of Yak’s, however the volcano in Island is playing parts. In our part of view ridiculous that general aviation aircraft, low altitude, are grounded to. Surfing the Internet exploring its developments an email came in from Frank Versteegh www.aerobatics.nl quote;
“ For many years I have been trying to explain that our government and our civil servants seriously suffer from the HEV syndrome. HEV stand for Hercules-Enschede-Volendam. Three disasters we had in the Netherlands.These disasters paralised our society. The reason is that nobody in this country has the guts anymore to take responsibility. Our government just took the decision of keeping our airspace closed for everything. From hot air balloon to glider. Of course we all know that the air intake of gliders is very sensitive to dust. The engine in the glider (OOPS, gliders have no engines) ... So, the nose of the pilot is very sensitive to Vulcanic ash of dust. Serious sneezing can be side affects. In the backyard of my house I rescued thousands of Nile Geese who were sneezing and coughing. An environmental disaster, the Geese are grounded, Storchs just came in for the last landing. Our aviation experts from the government decided to also ground hot air and gas balloons.The burner of the balloon will re-ignite the vulcanic ash and the result will be that we have people on Mars much earlier than President Obama promised us. Fantastic, to see shooting stars launched from The Netherlands direction to Mars. I am so proud of my country. We did it. A small step for men, a giant leap for mankind. Finally we show the World that Dutch people have brains and spirit. The old VOC mentality is back.“
Cheers !

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hoera hoera, Emma is wieder dahr

Our close friends knew it, but we had to be very careful. One year ago we had a training flight to France ending up in North Germany… There we invited Emma, a mascot of a huge German Football team Borrusia Dortmund in Sudlohn, to travel with us for a year around the world. In the beginning the Germans were a bit p… however after sending them postcards every week with Emma’s current position and keeping a blog (in Dutch and German) it returned to was getting fun for them. We have returned her last weekend.

To be honest, we were a bit afraid what the response would be, you will never know with football supporters. But it has ended up with becoming member of honor of the club. Please have a look at http://weblogs.aviavision.nl/emmawereldwijd/ for hilarious images and footage. It is in Dutch or German, but we are sure that you will find out what’s going on. Please click the links ☺

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sanicole Airshow 2009

Sanicole was suburb as usual. We head a really great time.

Thanks to the organisation we had our bus at prominent spot together with our friends of the Dutch F16 demo team. In the days prior the show and during the show we had a really good time, all participants were having an after show party at the Promobus.

The show day was a bit hazy, so the view was not that spectacular, beside of that it was good, hot and very crowdie.
It was the last weekend for Emma, we will return her in the next couple of day in Sudhlohn.

We could write pages and pages of the show, but it better to see the images, it will speak for itself. Ooh yeah; we also had live music this time,
a special song for the Nato Tiger Meet in Kleine Brogel ☺

look at this: Eye of the Tiger

After show take - off
Team Guinot girls spoiling our guests
Some air - 2 - air shots

Team Guinot girls :-)
Everybody had a good time

A real life soap serie did follow us through
A fotoflight of the fotoships :-)
Nicole and Karin
Aerobatic foto and film flight

B-17 crew

See more at our gallery.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Aviator - Oil online

The new website is online, now still in Dutch. It will be in English soon.

It is the same oil as any other suppliers, same laboratories, however due to the extreem low overhead we can keep the price low!

Piston products:

W100 plus

And we also supply oil for you smoke system Have a look, and even better, order oil :-)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Schaffen-Diest 2009

Schaffen Diest 2009 was a mixed up feeling weekend.

Very sad one of our friends had a crash with his Ryan landing at Schaffen-Diest, thank god the pilot 'only' had a broker wrist and his passenger some neck problems. The old Ryan PT-22 is heavely damaged.

Our Promobus was damaged on the way to Schaffen, some Belgium driver had the intention to smash the bus high speed, sad but true.

Beside of this sad news we had a good weekend, the weather was blue sky and HOT!

Eric "Kraai" flew the Red Yak this weekend, Peter the Yak 50, Hanno the T-6, Jean Michel the Yak-18 and he brought his friend with a just purchased Yak-18.

Since a long time ago Hans Oortman joined us during an event with his beautifull camo-yak, good to see you again Hans.

One of the vistors was a Grumman Avenger, a beauty. Off course Eric Coeckelberghs was jumping up, down left and right to take some air to air shots. See here the result

See you all at Sanicole Airshow, September the 20th

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Yak Model, marvelous

Well you have RC Models and you have RC Models. Now see what our Finnisch friend Hannu Kunttu has build the last two years! This is really a marvelous piece of work. We do know that Hannu worked hard at this project, sending us color samples for corrections and asked so detailed question that we had to go in the books ourselves :-)

See for yourself, our White Yak reproduced.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Coeckelfun !

Our photographer Eric Coeckelberghs had a lot of fun the past weeks at Zoersel Chipmeet en Lens Fly-Inn. We could tell you all about it, but images tells more than 1000 words.

Nice work Eric !

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Zoersel training

Arriving Friday afternoon we were welcomed by the most friendly people of Zoersel Airport, as they usual do!

Gena and Nicole ferried the Red Yak from Sanicole doing flick flacks humpty thumps revised hard to explain manoeuvres at Zoersel expecting the ground crew to watch them coming in…
However the weather was so good, the ground crew wasn’t leaving there rendez vous terras in Eindhoven at that time, so nobody of us where there to see them arriving.

We had some cancelations due to some technical problems. Actually only the Red Yak arrived and a guest participant Steve “Kiwi” van Dijck from Lelystad "Yaks over Holland" joined up with our training weekend. Kiwi, a former air force jock with his roots in New Zealand, just purchased a really, really nice Yak-52 out of the UK. The paintjob is awesome, and off course our photographer Eric Coeckelberghs was jumping left and right to take some images. See here..

Tony the Bruijn happened to be in the neighbourhood with his Chipmunk, Eric had to take some shots..

In the evening we did have some useless discussions off course, telling strong stories, but having a LOT of fun.
Nicole and lovely Suzanne, our hostess for the eveningSuzanne warned us, IF you see the glasses straight, you should quit drinking !
What do you think about Gena?
Better wear Kiwi's helmet tomorrow if we fly with him :-)
Hey Goof, do you think Peter is right?
Sunday the weather turned up to be bad in the morning. Kiwi made his Yak to go back as Lelystad asap before getting things worse. The Red Yak went back to Sanicole where, sorry Steve, the weather turned out to be super. Did some good flights with Gena and Peter with the Yak-50.. ready for the new season blokes..

Had a great fun, relaxed weekend, good flying, good fun, good everything.
Zoersel.. thanks for all, really appreciate it.

Team Yakkes.