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Monday, October 12, 2009

Hoera hoera, Emma is wieder dahr

Our close friends knew it, but we had to be very careful. One year ago we had a training flight to France ending up in North Germany… There we invited Emma, a mascot of a huge German Football team Borrusia Dortmund in Sudlohn, to travel with us for a year around the world. In the beginning the Germans were a bit p… however after sending them postcards every week with Emma’s current position and keeping a blog (in Dutch and German) it returned to was getting fun for them. We have returned her last weekend.

To be honest, we were a bit afraid what the response would be, you will never know with football supporters. But it has ended up with becoming member of honor of the club. Please have a look at http://weblogs.aviavision.nl/emmawereldwijd/ for hilarious images and footage. It is in Dutch or German, but we are sure that you will find out what’s going on. Please click the links ☺


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