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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Iceland troubles

After a long cold winter stop, it's time to get our Yak's out of the barn.

The Yak-50 has got a brand new three bladed prop, looks good and the performance is a lot better, and it’s going ballistic.

The Yak-52 has got a new sponsor on its wing, AVIATOR – OIL. High performance oil for a very low rate, for more info www.aviator-oil.com.
Yakkes is in the process for some new spectacular developments; stay tuned for more news soon.

Today we would have a check run in a couple of Yak’s, however the volcano in Island is playing parts. In our part of view ridiculous that general aviation aircraft, low altitude, are grounded to. Surfing the Internet exploring its developments an email came in from Frank Versteegh www.aerobatics.nl quote;
“ For many years I have been trying to explain that our government and our civil servants seriously suffer from the HEV syndrome. HEV stand for Hercules-Enschede-Volendam. Three disasters we had in the Netherlands.These disasters paralised our society. The reason is that nobody in this country has the guts anymore to take responsibility. Our government just took the decision of keeping our airspace closed for everything. From hot air balloon to glider. Of course we all know that the air intake of gliders is very sensitive to dust. The engine in the glider (OOPS, gliders have no engines) ... So, the nose of the pilot is very sensitive to Vulcanic ash of dust. Serious sneezing can be side affects. In the backyard of my house I rescued thousands of Nile Geese who were sneezing and coughing. An environmental disaster, the Geese are grounded, Storchs just came in for the last landing. Our aviation experts from the government decided to also ground hot air and gas balloons.The burner of the balloon will re-ignite the vulcanic ash and the result will be that we have people on Mars much earlier than President Obama promised us. Fantastic, to see shooting stars launched from The Netherlands direction to Mars. I am so proud of my country. We did it. A small step for men, a giant leap for mankind. Finally we show the World that Dutch people have brains and spirit. The old VOC mentality is back.“
Cheers !