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Friday, October 13, 2006

Dutch Spotters Convention

As chief ground crew and member relations consultant, I do try to promote the Yakkes Foundation at several occasions. This time it was "The Dutch Spotters convention" at the Dutch Dakota Hangar at Schiphol-East in the Netherlands. Many many Dutch aviation enthusiastics, spotters and Yak fans suppose to come there that particular day (not!), I assume the nice weather was the killer for this indoor event.

Anyway, getting late in the hangar due to long and special coffee procedures at Goof Bakkers place, we (Menno and I) finally get along in the DDA hangar, just below the lovely nose of the DC-3, PH-PBA, a beauty piece of machinery out of the 50’s.

Trying to get rid of our 2006 season posters, T-shirts, caps and other info, a happy face showed up the Yakkes stand. It’s Mr. Anton Koolen, he’s about to collect his price, won by becoming a member of the Yakkes Foundation.

Mr. Anton Koolen (r.) picked up his price.
See his smile !

Anton was thrilled by receiving his hand carved wooden Yak model, he promised to extend his membership in 2007. What about you? www.yakkes.com/join.php

The price !

Alex Smit