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Friday, January 23, 2009

Ferry that Yak

It was time for the red Yak to return to it’s homebase in Belgium. And when the weather get’s tough, the tough go to Volkel airforce base in beautiful Brabant, home of the Tigers, 313 Squadron.

Here our Yak found (a) shelter for the winter months. After a very warm welcome and meeting with several people of the F16 demoteam, I was taken to the shelter where our Yak was parked. Surprise, surprise. There was Emma in the backseat, eager to go with me to EBLE! And in this terrible weather I was glad to have an extra pair of bee-eyes to help me navigate. After fuelling, and adding some compressed air, since the Yak was out of breath, both supplied by her Majesty’s airforce, the enormous door was opened and we pushed the Yak out. It felt a little strange to taxi behind the follow me car to the runway, since several F16’s were doing touch and go’s. I couldn’t hear my own engine! ATC were very friendly and diverted a couple of fighters out of the circuit to allow the Yak to take off. With Emma’s help I quickly found my way to Sanicole, where the weather was even worse than at Volkel. Luckily our Yak loves a good crosswind.

Home sweet home.....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter recess 2008 - 2009

Just a short update regarding our traditional winter recess, this time it was Aruba. Our battery is charged again and ready for 2009 !!! Are you?

See you all soon !

The Paddock - Aruba

Moomba Beach -thanks Micheal !!!

The hardworking crew !