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Monday, November 13, 2006

Open day 2006

November 25th a new open day will be a fact in the Solid aiR hangar in Eindhoven. Thought it would be easy to make it a bit bigger this time than the usual parties in the past years. Yes, it is easy, however the amount of work it takes along is a LOT more, but I will assure you it will be worth it. We owe it to our volunteers and sponsors, so it’s far worth it to put a lot of effort into this day, hope you will all enjoy it.
A lot of companies are co-operating with us. Otherwise we could not realize this day, also people are calling us spontaneous like Hans Nordsiek. I know Hans from several airshows, he is flying anywhere with his Old Crow to spread the word as the Storyteller.
The Old Crow
What is a Storyteller?
“May be we could understand it, if we knew what it is where the white man is dreaming of. From what hopes and desires he tells his children in the long winter nights.About the visions that he engraves in their hearts, so that they reach for the day of tomorrow”.(Speech of Seattle, the chief of the Duwanish people, directed to the American president in 1855).
These simple words conceal the motivation of a Storyteller. It encompasses his or her drive to press on with telling stories. He, or she, is from all ages and from all cultures. It is done while making music, while singing or while narrating. He wants the world to know that he exists.
Funny and a must see, thanks Hans, really appriciated.
Further than our own Yaks, the white, blue, red and camouflage one another
additional Yak 50, the RA-2005K will come out of Belgium and our higly respected Hanno Wesdorp will show up with his T-6.

T6, Hanno Wesdorp

Last but very not least, Angie Soper will come over out of the UK with her Yak-11 . movie Angie with her beast

Really looking forward to see her again...
Well, got to go to do somemore work for the 25th, keep ya posted.