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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Yakkes Census, major update

Just finished a major update of our Yakkes-Census. While other Yakkesmembers took some R&R time to tan their lazy buts in the Caribbean sun, I worked mine off to update the Yakkes-census.

- 10 new Yak-52’s were added;
- 123 new photos of Yak-52’s were added;
- 214 Yak-52 files were updated;

Nice numbers! Especially when you realise that, at this moment, there are 825 airframes in the Yakkes-census of which 468 with one or more pictures added. Go and have a look at the

So far for the numbers

A couple of years ago I got bored during the long and dark winter nights. Being a Yak-(52)-lover I thought it would be nice to make a list of all the Yak-52 flying in Holland and the countries around it. Digging through registration books and browsing the World Wide Web with the help of good friend Google, the list grew and grew, resulting in the Yakkes-Census. Now it’s no longer a list of some European Yak-52’s, but it has grown to a census, with the aim of providing accurate historic information on all Yak-52’s built.


Help comes from all over the world. It's fabulous to see so many people are providing all kind of information. Owners do send (additional) new info, most of the time accompanied by some nice images or footage. Spotters do send their trip reports and pictures, friends and colleagues send photos and reports of Yak-52’s from all over the globe. Even aircraft registers give acces to their gold-member databases free of charge, and the Matronics Yak-list community with also a lot of Yak-52TW-owners is a great source for all kind on information. With the help of these Yak lovers from all over the world the Yakkes Census has grown to a size I never even dared to dream of.

Thanks for all your great help!


The (file) size makes us to divide the Census in 5 sections:
Yak-52: s/n 78.01.01 / 84.45.15;
Yak-52: s/n 84.46.01 / 88.88.15;
Yak-52: s/n 88.89.01 / ( now ) 01.122.12;
Yak-52TW: s/n 01.122.26 / ( now ) 05.126.05;
Yak-52/TW/TD: unknown serialnumbers

The Yak-52TW is listed separately. The Yak-52TD can be found in the other parts of the list.
In spite of all the help there still is a rather big section “
Yak-52/Tw/TD unknown serialnumbers” of some 95 Yak-52s with the construction numbers are missing. It would be great to complete the info and get rid of this section “Yak-52/Tw/TD unknown serialnumbers”.

So if you have any information on Yak-52’s please mail it to
Alex Smit

Have Fun, Alex