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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Royal Dutch Airforce KLu open days Volkel 2007

June 14-15 and 16 off we went to the KLu open days at Volkel airforce base. Thanks to the invitation of Ed de Bruin, display director of the airshow we went with the Red Yak 52 and “ Sasha” Yak-50 . Captain Ralph “Sheik” Aarst, display pilot of the Dutch F-16 flew the Yak-50 in formation with me at his wing to his 313sqn at it’s home base Volkel. The weather forcast promised us heavy CB’s and other nasty thunderstorms in the near future, so after landing Sheik took a right of the runway straight to a F-16 shelter were we parked our little Yak guarded by one huge F-16, got us some unique images. The airforce guys and galls of Volkel received us open arms, boy what an hospitality!
The show itselfs was quite ok, we were only there for static display at the flight line this time, enjoying our food and drinks at the airside, one word “MARVELOUS”.
The after show party, off course, is always super. A famous Dutch performer called Lee Towers tried to sing a little bit, but with several hundreds of pilot around him, well fill it in yourself. Saturday, all hell broke loose with thunderstorms again at the end of the day, with made the Patrouille the France could not do there trick in the air, better next time guys. Later that evening it was time to go home, piloting me the Yak-50 for the first time. The eye sight out of the Yak-50 on the ground is not that good, even bad. After lining her up the runway, I tried to add full power, but before I was half way with my throttle I was flying, dude what a power! The Yak-52 and the Marchetti of Geoffrey Buekenberghs (airshow organiser of the Sanicole Airshow) were already airborne. Getting close to them was not, and I repeat not a problem at all, I might even will fly circles around them with this brutal machine. They dropped me of overhead Eindhoven Airbase were the Yak-50 is parked at the moment. With this power, I had to bust the tower, after doing that at I pulled up 90 degrees and it kept going. At 3.000ft I had to stop not to leave the CTR, so I pulled her out and bringing her to the runway, now I have to land the beats. Again I sure had problem with the visibility in front of me, but the landing itselfs was very smooth, what a machine.

Thanks to all !