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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Schaffen-Diest; old-timer fly-inn

Together with approx 290 other aircraft, Yakkes joined the 2007 Oldtimer Fly Inn at Schaffen-Diest. Arriving at a lousy weather Friday with a very low overcast, poor visibility and a lot of cold beer, it turned out to be a great happening with beautiful weather at Saturday and Sunday.

A lot of old friends were present and a lot new ones. Finally had the chance to meet Hans Hollink again with his brand new 400hp Yak-52, RA-3411K, boy what a beast. It shines like a… well it shines very well, excellent paint job.

Peter was enjoying himself with Sasha, the Yak-50, busting the airfield from several directions, getting all spotters run like hell :-)

Saturday afternoon it was time for price-winner Mr. Marco Beurskens to collect his prize:a free Yak-ride! After the safety-briefing Marco was strapped in the tiny seat.Demonstrating the capabilities of this wonderfull machine and enjoying the beautiful flying weather Erik Kraayenhof
took Marco up in the skies for a fifteen minute ride. After touchdown the very pleased price-winner declared:

"Never thought I could win this prize by simply becoming a member of the Yakkes Foundation!" What about you? WIN A FREE RIDE