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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Zoersel training

Arriving Friday afternoon we were welcomed by the most friendly people of Zoersel Airport, as they usual do!

Gena and Nicole ferried the Red Yak from Sanicole doing flick flacks humpty thumps revised hard to explain manoeuvres at Zoersel expecting the ground crew to watch them coming in…
However the weather was so good, the ground crew wasn’t leaving there rendez vous terras in Eindhoven at that time, so nobody of us where there to see them arriving.

We had some cancelations due to some technical problems. Actually only the Red Yak arrived and a guest participant Steve “Kiwi” van Dijck from Lelystad "Yaks over Holland" joined up with our training weekend. Kiwi, a former air force jock with his roots in New Zealand, just purchased a really, really nice Yak-52 out of the UK. The paintjob is awesome, and off course our photographer Eric Coeckelberghs was jumping left and right to take some images. See here..

Tony the Bruijn happened to be in the neighbourhood with his Chipmunk, Eric had to take some shots..

In the evening we did have some useless discussions off course, telling strong stories, but having a LOT of fun.
Nicole and lovely Suzanne, our hostess for the eveningSuzanne warned us, IF you see the glasses straight, you should quit drinking !
What do you think about Gena?
Better wear Kiwi's helmet tomorrow if we fly with him :-)
Hey Goof, do you think Peter is right?
Sunday the weather turned up to be bad in the morning. Kiwi made his Yak to go back as Lelystad asap before getting things worse. The Red Yak went back to Sanicole where, sorry Steve, the weather turned out to be super. Did some good flights with Gena and Peter with the Yak-50.. ready for the new season blokes..

Had a great fun, relaxed weekend, good flying, good fun, good everything.
Zoersel.. thanks for all, really appreciate it.

Team Yakkes.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Training weekend April 25th - 26th UPDATE


Unfortunate we do have a cancelation of three aircraft due to a technical problem:

- Yak-52 2x
- Yak 50

Our next training weekend will be April 25-26th at
Zoersel Belgium.

Confirmed aircraft:

Etienne Verhellen - Yak52 Janie
Peter Kuypers - Yak50 Sasha
Stephen van Dijck - Yak52
Hans Oortman - Yak52
Lieven Buijse - Yak52
Jerome van der Schaar - Yak52


Hanne Wesdorp - T6
Jean Michel Le Grand - Yak18

Erik Coeckelberghs will be there for the photo's off course.

We would like to thank Pascal from Zoersel airfield for the hospitality.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Fly for fun, 16-17 may 2009

Hello dear fellows,

According to the airshow dates available it would suits me to organise the Fly For Fun In Lens ( LFQQ - 10Nm ) on the weekend of 16-17 may 2009, Let me know if you are interested and if the date would suit you. We do have a grass field , camping possibilities, bar, bbq,and a lot of nice trips to do with not more than 45nm distance ( Abbeville,St Omer,St Quentin,Merville,Calais ) all were previously occupied by the well known JG26 Richthoffen. A nice restaurant on every airfield but the best one being St Omer , ( first airfield of the Royal Flying Corps , with memorial). Any aircraft is welcome,we will make small formations according to aircraft and personnal perfo , the goal is to be together , share our experiences and make some fun. Customs will be available on the weekend,maintenance facility and fuel.

Lets tell what you think about.

Hope to see you with many that weekend.

Jean Michel Legrand

Thursday, April 02, 2009

New colors for F16 demo aircraft RNLAF

Today our member of honour Ralph "Sheik" Aarts, demo pilot of the RNLAF went to Woensdrecht to pick his new colored demo F16, registration J-015. And what a beauty it is. Follow him at www.f16demoteam.nl