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Monday, August 17, 2009

Schaffen-Diest 2009

Schaffen Diest 2009 was a mixed up feeling weekend.

Very sad one of our friends had a crash with his Ryan landing at Schaffen-Diest, thank god the pilot 'only' had a broker wrist and his passenger some neck problems. The old Ryan PT-22 is heavely damaged.

Our Promobus was damaged on the way to Schaffen, some Belgium driver had the intention to smash the bus high speed, sad but true.

Beside of this sad news we had a good weekend, the weather was blue sky and HOT!

Eric "Kraai" flew the Red Yak this weekend, Peter the Yak 50, Hanno the T-6, Jean Michel the Yak-18 and he brought his friend with a just purchased Yak-18.

Since a long time ago Hans Oortman joined us during an event with his beautifull camo-yak, good to see you again Hans.

One of the vistors was a Grumman Avenger, a beauty. Off course Eric Coeckelberghs was jumping up, down left and right to take some air to air shots. See here the result

See you all at Sanicole Airshow, September the 20th