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Friday, September 28, 2007

Ladies & gentlemen; WE'VE GOT HIM !

Finally we did find our hospitality bus which we were looking for a long time.
It’s a former UK city bus, a beauty, however it needs work, and we need YOUR help.


Our planning is to rebuild the bus into a luxury hospitality unit during the winter, so we can invite our Yakkes members and sponsors during airshows and events in the next years. Are you willing to be on that particular bus next year during events and airshows? Please help us in any way you can !

Overall the bus is in good condition, but we still need to rebuild the interior completely. The exterior will be painted in new colours.

Your help:

We need your help to establish this project. What we need is:

- Mechanics
- Wood workers

- Paint work GOT IT
- Radio Equipment GOT IT
- Navigational equipment GOT IT
- Tools / hardware
- External Generator 200v
- Flatscreen tv’s
- Neon lights / cables
- Nice atmosphere lightning
- New luxery driver seat
- Round leather couch for the lowdeck
- New removable furniture for the upper deck
- New huge sunshade umbrella’s
- Chromed wheel covers
- Spare parts for the bus
- Bar
- Aviation radio antenna including wiring GOT IT
- Converter 12 volts to 28 volts
- Floor for outside the bus (to be used in grass)
- Wooden upper deck floor
- Anything you think you think it’s usable for the bus


Please mail: info@yakkes.com for further info and/or offers.

Monday, September 10, 2007

How to paint a Yak !

Ever wondered how to paint a Yak?
It goes faster than you will imagine if your let it do by professionals like
Day 1
Carefully tape all items which can't be painted

Day 2

Day 3
one day delay, another aircraft needs to be painted

Day 5
Day 7
Day 10
Pretty fast, isn't it?