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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

blog: Magic Hans 'Kazan" Oortman

Probably the most important part for our party bus will be something magic Hans ‘Kazan” Oortman did fix with his handy fingers…. This is where our bus will be famous about! He managed to reconfigure a B25 Mitchell Cylinder into a Jupiler draft tap!!! Hans, you are our hero !

Thursday, February 07, 2008

blog: Howely smoke !!!

Look what they are doing to our bus !!!This is a mighty GAP, this is where the bar will be, so it will accessible from the outside also. Handy Hendriks installed a smoke system to the red Yak. I took him a bit time more than planned but it's installed now. Theo installed it in a way that we still can use our cargo hole, some smart work. So it's testing time! Light her up Theo.
No doubts it works fine !
Poor tailchasers in the future :-)
Nice, isn't ?
Good Job Theo !