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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Emma's Blog

After a lot of research we finally did find Emma's weblog, however it's in Dutch and German.

Good to know what Emma is doing.

http://weblogs.aviavision.nl/emmawereldwijd/ Dutch

http://weblogs.aviavision.nl/emmaweltweit/ German

Go Emma, GO !

Saturday, December 06, 2008

313sqn, 55 years along with F16 Demo Team

November 29, our friends of the 313sqn of the Dutch Royal Airforce had its 55th universal party at Volkel Air force Base. F16 and Yak demo pilot Sheik invited Yakkes to be special guest along with number of VIP’s as a very famous Dutch music band “Normaal”. After performing a low demo with his special painted anniversary F16, Sheik took lead singer Bennie Jolink for a cruel ride in the Yak, and what a fun it was.

Special painted F-16
After the flight Bennie decided to take flying lessons, so enthusiastic.
Sheik and BennieOff course Emma enjoyed it too!

The Yak had a good time with his big brothers in the hangar while it’s pilots had a good time enjoying “Normaal”.

Normaal in action

Sheik, Omelet, thanks again, really enjoyed it.

Team Yakkes.